Ray-Bar is an Essential and Critical Infrastructure Manufacturer, Distributor and Supplier of products, materials and services to the Medical and Defense Industries and is committed to remain fully open and available during regular weekday hours to promptly provide our critical products and emergency consulting , services and support nationwide during the Corona Virus / COVID-19 Pandemic.
We are here for you with our dedicated employees and experienced technical support team available 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.

Ray-Bar Engineering is the formost leader in the design and manufacturing of high performace life and safety materials, components, products and systems.

For more than 75 years providing high level and ultra light bullet and blast resistant ballistic protection offerings of doors, panels, windows and protective barriers for safe rooms, buildings, vehicles, aircraft, marine craft and boats.
All products manufactured by Ray-Bar are made exclusively in the USA.
Ray-Bar life and safety products and specialty materials are exclusively for law enforcement, miltary, government, financial and high end commercial applications.
Supplying treat resistant and asset protective products nationwide and globally for over 75 years.

Some of the many Ray-bar Ballistic Resestant Products include:

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607 W. Foothill Blvd. | P.O. Box 415 (for U.S. mail only) | Azusa, California 91702-415 | sales@raybar.com
Phone: 800-444-9729 or 626-969-1919 | Fax: 800-333-9729


Ray-Bar reserves the right to refuse service or sales to anyone at any time.
These ballistic, bullet and blast resistive materials and products are for government, law enforcement, financial, military, commercial and industrial applications only.
No direct sales to the general public. Absolutely no exceptions.
All applicable ITAR rules will be recognized, followed and fully complied with.
Customer is fully resoponsible to verify and confirm their project ballistic or blast threat level requirements prior to ordering.
Customer or End User must only utiloze same or greater ballicstic threat rated products or components as the required preformance rating standard for the assembly / system.


Ray-Bar designs, work product and information is not to be plagiarized or utilized in a competitive or detrimental manner against Ray-Bar as protected by Federal, State and Local law and copyrights.

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